“Cristian has filled a void in the Italian Riviera. With his expertise in classic culinary creativity, his cooking delivers exquisite flavours in a way only he knows how.”

— Luigino Filippi, Italian Food Writer and Journalist


“This is the best workplace restaurant I have experienced and as a consultant I have experienced far too many. Thank you for your work in delivering the best possible customer experience for our customers.”

— Chris Mullan, Aegon

“Cristian Picco is, quite simply, one of the most inspirational chefs I have worked with over a lifetime in the industry. In addition to his undoubted food skills, he invests time in his person which, in turn has enabled a significant quality and commercial performance improvement across the AK contract nationally.”

— Keith Butlin, Director of Operations, Aramark


“Cristian is a passionate world class chef who has plied his trade across Northern Italy and Southern France, gaining the knowledge and learning the skills that have driven him to the top of his profession.”

— Terence Doyle, General Manager, Aramark


"I have always told my friends that it is the "unexpected" that makes traveling so wonderful. And so it was with Le Vie del Sale - above and beyond- simply fantastic!

"After a week (Nov. 2012) in Piedmont longing for ‘truffled’ anything, I had given up. Imagine my surprise when walking along the water in San Remo I see this nice looking restaurant. Crossing the street to see the menu posted outside, I gasped – “Five Course Truffle Tasting Menu” and reasonably priced. Like an addict searching for a fix I pulled on the door, only I find it locked. A second tug produced Chef Christian Picco.

"I begged for a dinner reservation on this, my last night in San Remo. But alas, they were closed for dinner that evening, and not open for lunch. “However, I am only opening this afternoon for a special client, so please, I will let you take a seat.” Are you kidding me? The chef, sous chef and waiter served and treated me like royalty. He explained that he was from Piedmont (thus the truffles) and his wife was expecting their first child.

"Of course, I had the truffle-tasting menu with the accompanying selection of Purnotto Dolcetto, Barbara and Barolo, which flowed freely. I can’t begin to explain how wonderful this meal was. The dish concepts, presentation, flavor and quality were beyond compare. I wish I could tell you about each course in detail, but it would have been awkward taking out a pad and pen as this was one of those moments to be experienced and enjoyed. A truffled soup, a pasta, and beef – not one detail or component overlooked. I can say that crème brulee will never be the same without truffles.

Only oce before on my first visit to France back in the early ‘90’s did I stumble on such a gem...

"I can only say that in this day and age of pseudo-gourmet and here and gone restaurants, Chef Picco and Le Vie del Sale have taken a dinning experience to another level. I say that not just because of the way that I was treated, but because I could see that everything that went on from the seating of guests, to preparing and serving the food, to that after meal offering of a complimentary grappa, that subtle perfection and love went into everything. This is the way it should be done.

"Delighted, when leaving, the chef ran down the street to thank me. Chef Picco, it is the other way around, my generous il mio grazie."